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This recent case offers another good example of the recognition of Chinese judgments in a country where bilateral or multilateral arrangements and prior reciprocal treatment do not exist.

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Last month, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he would consider pulling British judges from the Court of Final Appeal, which handed down the Monday ruling.


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Certain types of cases are classified according to specialist court lists to aid the proper and efficient case management, for example, the Commercial List, the Construction and Arbitration List, the Personal Injuries List, the Intellectual Property List and the Admiralty List.


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Contributed to a muted media reaction. Accordingly, it is sensible for the parties to all the financial documents to review if the jurisdiction clause contained therein is an AJC or not. The Service Arrangement sets out the type of judicial documents that can be entrusted for service. Hong Kong if the defendant succeeds in its defence.

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For the latter, there is indeed a lot to do. For recognition of a foreign judgment under common law, fresh proceedings will need to be commenced based on the foreign judgment by issuing a writ. Hong Kong law, and where appropriate may form his own view as to the law in another jurisdiction. Categories Countries Hong Kong China Courts WorldLII.